Course VI - The Airway - New York 27-28 March 2026

Course VI - The Airway - New York 27-28 March 2026


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New York 27-28 March 2026

Dr. Stanley Liu

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Dr. Stanley Liu

Stanford, United States

Introducing Dr. Stanley Y.C. Liu, a distinguished Associate Professor renowned in the fields of Otolaryngology and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Stanford University School of Medicine. In addition to his esteemed roles, Dr. Liu serves as the director of the Stanford Sleep Surgery Fellowship, mentoring aspiring professionals, and guides as a preceptor to the Stanford Oculoplastic Surgery Fellowship, shaping the next generation of specialists. Notably, he is a respected Stanford Biodesign Faculty Fellow Alumnus, reflecting his commitment to innovative medical advancements.

Dr. Liu is at the forefront of sleep apnea surgery, offering expertise in a comprehensive range of procedures, from nasal to maxillomandibular advancement (MMA), including pioneering techniques such as adult maxillary expansion (DOME), which he developed alongside Professor Christian Guilleminault in 2015. Continuously refining the sleep surgery protocol at Stanford, Dr. Liu's dedication to enhancing patient outcomes is evident.

His research endeavors encompass diverse areas, from clinical phenotyping to optimize sleep surgery outcomes to virtual surgical planning for facial skeletal surgery and neuromodulation of the upper airway, demonstrating his multifaceted approach to advancing medical knowledge.

A sought-after speaker, Dr. Liu has delivered keynote addresses both nationally and internationally at prestigious conferences spanning various specialties. His contribution to scientific literature is extensive, with over 100 published articles and medical texts, highlighting his significant impact on the field of sleep surgery with original scientific insights.

In summary, Dr. Stanley Y.C. Liu's illustrious career is marked by a tireless commitment to excellence in patient care, education, and research, positioning him as a leading authority in Otolaryngology and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

The Airway

Essential aspects of airway anatomy, physiology, and pathology

Dr. Stanley Y.C. Liu, esteemed expert in Otolaryngology and Sleep Surgery, presents an in-depth exploration of Advanced Concepts in Airway Management tailored specifically for dental professionals. This comprehensive course delves into essential aspects of airway anatomy, physiology, and pathology, empowering attendees with the knowledge and skills necessary to enhance patient care and outcomes.

Throughout the program, participants will engage in:

• Comprehensive Assessment of the Upper Airway: Advanced techniques for evaluating airway anatomy and identifying potential obstructions or abnormalities.

• Multidisciplinary Approach to Airway Health: Understanding the collaborative role of dentists, otolaryngologists, and other healthcare professionals in addressing complex airway issues.

• Surgical and Non-Surgical Interventions: Exploration of the latest advancements in airway surgery, including maxillomandibular advancement (MMA), soft tissue procedures, and neuromodulation techniques.

• Integrating Airway Assessment into Dental Practice: Practical insights into seamlessly incorporating airway assessment protocols into routine dental examinations and treatment planning.

• Patient-Centered Care: Strategies for effective communication with patients about airway health, addressing concerns, and promoting adherence to treatment recommendations.

Dr. Liu's expertise and hands-on instruction will equip participants with enhanced confidence and proficiency in managing airway-related issues within their dental practice.

This course offers a unique opportunity to elevate skills and expand professional capabilities in airway management, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.