Course V - The Ortho - Berlin 14-15 November 2025

Course V - The Ortho - Berlin 14-15 November 2025


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Berlin 14-15 November 2025

Dr. Claudia Pinter

Dr. Björn Ludwig

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Dr. Claudia Pinter

Vienna, Austria

Claudia Pinter is an orthodontics specialist who operates in Vienna and Wels in Austria.

Dr. Claudia Pinter is a distinguished figure in the field of orthodontics, particularly renowned for her expertise in the aligner technique. Graduating from the esteemed University of Vienna, Austria, she embarked on a dedicated journey focused on invisible orthodontics with clear aligners.

Internationally sought after as a speaker, Dr. Pinter possesses a unique talent for elucidating complex concepts into practical, everyday principles. Her ability to distill intricate information has earned her widespread appreciation among peers.

Dr. Pinter's commitment to excellence serves as a beacon, inspiring fellow professionals to delve deeper into the aligner technique. Known for her transparent approach, she generously shares her protocols, fostering a culture of openness and collaboration within the field.

Passionate about fostering meaningful connections with colleagues, Dr. Pinter thrives on the exchange of knowledge and ideas. Her dedication to advancing the field of orthodontics through education and collaboration underscores her status as a leading authority in the aligner technique.

Dr. Björn Ludwig

Traben-Trarbach, Germany

Björn Ludwig is an orthodontics specialist who operates his private office in a small village in Germany.

He holds positions at two universities: the University of Homburg/Saar in Germany and the Department of Orthodontics, Institute of Odontology, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

While his primary focus is on clinical work, he has a strong affinity for technology, which consistently sparks his interest.

He is dedicated to advancing as a researcher and writer, actively participating in a variety of research projects and taking on editorial roles for academic journals.

Furthermore, he serves as an editor for several books and is the author of numerous book chapters in classic orthodontic texts.

In addition to his passion for orthodontics, he also takes pleasure in cycling as a means tounwind.

The Ortho

Synergy between orthodontics and the airway

In the realm of dentistry, the intersection of orthodontics, prosthodontics, and airway management unveils a hidden superpower that can transform patients' lives.

Björn Ludwig and Claudia Pinter delve into this fascinating realm, exploring various topics that highlight the synergy between orthodontics and the airway.

Adult Orthodontics:

The evolution of adult orthodontics and its significance in modern dental practice.

Techniques and considerations for effectively treating adult patients with orthodontic needs.

Case studies showcasing successful adult orthodontic treatments and their impact on overall oral health and aesthetics.

Digital Orthodontics:

Advancements in digital technology revolutionizing the field of orthodontics.

Digital imaging, treatment planning, and simulation tools enhancing precision and efficiency.

Integration of digital workflows in orthodontic practices for streamlined patient care.


Understanding the biomechanical principles underlying orthodontic tooth movement.

Application of biomechanics in designing customized treatment plans for optimal outcomes.

Innovations in orthodontic appliances and techniques for efficient force delivery.

Clinical Orthodontics:

Hands-on techniques employed in clinical orthodontic practice.

Patient examples illustrating various orthodontic procedures and treatment modalities.

Clinical pearls for achieving predictable results and managing challenging cases effectively.

Airway Influences:

Exploring the intricate relationship between orthodontics and the airway.

Impact of airway obstruction on craniofacial development and orthodontic treatment outcomes.

Strategies for incorporating airway assessment and management into orthodontic practice.

Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning:

Collaboration between orthodontists, prosthodontists, and other dental specialists in comprehensive treatment planning.

Case presentations demonstrating interdisciplinary approaches to address complex dental and skeletal discrepancies.

Importance of holistic patient care and communication among the dental team.

Skeletal Anchorage:

Utilization of skeletal anchorage devices for enhancing orthodontic treatment outcomes.

Indications, techniques, and case examples showcasing the effectiveness of skeletal anchorage.

Integration of skeletal anchorage into multidisciplinary treatment plans for challenging cases.

Expansion Techniques:

Orthodontic expansion methods for correcting maxillary and mandibular discrepancies.

Benefits of expansion in improving airway patency and resolving malocclusions.

Clinical insights and considerations for successful expansion therapy.

Orthodontics, when combined with a deep understanding of the airway and interdisciplinary collaboration, emerges as a powerful tool in modern dentistry. By exploring the diverse

topics outlined by Ludwig and Pinter, dental professionals can unlock the hidden superpower of orthodontics to enhance patient outcomes and overall well-being.